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Barriers to implementing innovative contracting agreements slow patient access.

- Conducting research is time-intensive and expensive.
- Drug-specific models are not reusable and simulating real-world scenarios can be challenging.
- Negotiations stall when payers are hesitant to adopt complex solutions.
- Data privacy and security challenges slow adoption of agreements.

An easy, secure and compliant solution to facilitate implementation of value-based contracting.

Lyfegen solutions are used by health insurances, governments, hospital payers, and pharmaceutical companies around the globe
to speed up the due diligence process, streamline collaborative drug contract design, and reduce the administrative burden of managing contracting.

Implementing contracting solutions is overwhelming.  

- Manual process of identifying, calculating and claiming rebates is time and resource intensive.
- Challenging to ensure rebate and contract compliance.
- Refunds are missed reducing financial performance.
- Contracts are saved in different locations adding to the administrative burden.

Reduce administrative burden and claim every rebate.

Lyfegen solutions are trusted by health insurances, governments and hospital payers around the globe. Our easy-to-implement rebate management solutions ensure efficient rebate compliance so that you can reduce administrative tasks and focus your time and effort where it is most impactful.

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success stories

I like having a palette of contracts that fall under different domains, like disease state, the way the drug is administered, or available evidence. There are different ways to make a contract attractive to us, to pharma, and to our physicians.

Bernie Good

Senior Medical Director Center for Value Based Pharmacy Initiatives at UPMC Health Plan

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We are venture-backed, global, and independent Software-as-a-Service provider delivering innovative access, pricing, and rebate solutions to industry players, advancing affordability and access in healthcare. Discover more about Lyfegen and meet the winning team.

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