What is value-based contracting with Lyfegen?


Value-based contracting focuses on patient outcomes by identifying value-based and outcomes-based measurable goals. By creating a set of outcomes as well as how to best measure them – value-based pricing for therapies can be determined.

As you can see – value-based contracting requires a lot of moving pieces and agreed-upon standards. This leaves the question of how best to facilitate these value-based healthcare agreements? The answer lies with Lyfegen.

Lyfegen works as a neutral third party with healthcare payers and manufacturers to implement a new way of paying for high-cost prescription drugs: value and outcome-based pricing and contracting. This groundbreaking platform enables patients to receive the best treatments and live a better and longer life.

With its innovative technology platform, Lyfegen is the catalyst for these entities to define, agree, and execute value-based and outcome-based pricing agreements while keeping costs at a sustainable level – allowing patients to receive innovative therapies at the right time and for the right price.

Lyfegen is the first of its kind, a company created to help patients in need. Lyfegen makes value-based healthcare contracting for high-cost therapies a reality for all healthcare stakeholders. With our expertise and secure state-of-the-art platform – we are trusted by some of the largest manufacturers, healthcare payers, and care providers in the world.

Lyfegen generates value-based contracts which combine outcome-based, pay-for-performance, and risk-sharing philosophies – creating value that matters:

-Better outcomes for patients-Accelerate, broaden, & sustain access to healthcare innovation-Facilitate & incorporate pay for performance healthcare pricing models-Improve appropriate use & compliance of treatments

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