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Welcome to the Lyfegen Team, Mastermind-Developer, Thungu!

Lyfegen Editorial Team

He loves innovation and thrives on solving problems using code. Besides developing and studying he plays basketball, travels and reads. We are proud to welcome the newest talent to the Lyfegen team: “Junior Developer” Thungu!

“The motivation and the skills of Thungu are undisputed. Among other things, that is what makes him and Lyfegen a perfect match. Constant evolution and progression are some of the most important objectives at Lyfegen, that is why Thungu will join our Team to help us add new UI components to our products and automate our testing processes in coordination with the UI/UX designers and Business Analysts, resulting in a higher overall quality and user satisfaction of our products. We are looking forward to work with Thungu here at Lyfegen.” Says CTO, Frederico Braga

To introduce our newest talented team member, we virtually sat down with Thungu for an interview.

Welcome to the team Thungu! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, my name is Thungu, and I am from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am a Software Engineering undergraduate at the University of Westminster in my second year while working here at Lyfegen. I also volunteer for the IEEE student branch of my university to organize hackathons, webinars and other tech related events.

What drives you to be a developer?

I love figuring things out, exploring new technologies and solving problems with code. When facing challenges as a developer I always explore the “yes” and try to figure things out before accepting a “no”. That figuring out part is what drives me to be a better developer and what I enjoy mostly about being a developer.

What was your motivation to join Lyfegen?

I wanted my first work experience to be in an innovative company which has a positive impact on the world and when I got to know what Lyfegen does, I knew this was it. With value-based healthcare in its early stages, I see it’s huge potential and the unprecedented value it brings towards humanity. I knew I had to be a part of this great journey!

What are your first impressions so far?

It has been a very pleasant experience. I am enjoying the startup culture - everyone is very close, friendly and welcoming. The flexibility at Lyfegen is one of the things that I appreciate most, as it is really important for me to have an evenly work and university life balance. I am also very impressed by how dynamic and motivated the team is. Everyone is ready to move mountains for patients!

How will you improve the customer experience on the Lyfegen platform?

I will be focusing mainly on Frontend Development and Testing which includes building new components with the help of our Kateryna, our UI/UX designer and testing the functionalities of our products together with Pavlo.

What do you want to learn and improve this year?

I am looking forward to improving my skills and helping Lyfegen in other stages of Software Development in addition to Frontend Development and Testing. I also want to improve my understanding of the healthcare industry.

What are you especially looking forward to as you take on this new role?

Although I enjoy all the virtual coffees, I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone in person someday. I’m also looking forward to grow as a professional and becoming a better and experienced developer. I feel very grateful to work with such an amazing team of experienced developers and other team members.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I love to play basketball, create travel videos and also photography is my passion. I read books focusing on life and spirituality, I learn new technologies, and sometimes I play the guitar.

We are proud to welcome Thungu to the Lyfegen team!




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