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A new face is on board! Welcome to Lyfegen, Tech-Guru Andrei

Lyfegen Editorial Team

We are pleased to welcome the latest addition to our tech team! Andrei joins Lyfegen as a full-stack developer. He brings his wealth of backend and frontend experience to elevate our platform.

"I am excited to welcome Andrei to our Tech Team as a talented and motivated Full-Stack developer. Andrei brings great skills and knowledge to our team and will support us in further building our applications." Says CTO, Frederico Braga.

To introduce our newest addition, we interviewed Andrei.

Welcome to the Team, Andrei! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Andrei. I am from Romania, and I graduated from the Technical University of Cluj Napoca. In the last seven years, I have worked as a software developer at different companies and with different technologies like .net, iOS, Angular, Typescript, MSSQL, Mongo DB, SoapUI.

What drives you to be a full-stack developer?

I chose to be a full developer because I like to be involved in every phase of a software application, from the UI side to the server. In the last eight years, the modern technologies used for building stack server-side applications and client-side applications became much easier to use, which allows us to learn multiple technologies on both sides.

What motivated you to join Lyfegen?

At the beginning of my career, I worked for another startup company. I remember my satisfaction when someone used our product, and I want to feel that again. Lyfegen is giving me many opportunities to positively impact the world because we are driving things in the right direction. I consider value-based contracts the best solution for patients, healthcare payers and Pharma companies.

What is your first impression as of now?

I like and appreciate the whole team. All my colleagues have brilliant ideas that are bringing the Lyfegen platform to its best form. The Lyfegen platform is one of the strongest I have seen so far in my career, and this is because everyone has a voice within the team.

How will your know-how help the Lyfegen customers experience our platform the best way possible?

Throughout my career, I have worked on several big projects in different fields providing technical solutions for different problems on the frontend side and the backend side. These experiences have taught me the importance of accessibility features, and I would like to bring that knowledge to improve the user experience of Lyfegen users. I can help the Lyfegen customers better interact with the platform in terms of performance.

What is something you want to learn or improve this year?

I am looking forward to improving my understanding of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. From a technical perspective, I'm excited to work and learn Grandstack technologies.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I love to play board games, tennis and football. During the summer weekends, I like to go hiking, and in winter, I enjoy skiing. I also have an interest in politics, and I try to stay updated with trends in the IT industry because of my passion for new technologies.

What else are you looking forward to?

I look forward to deepening my relationship with my teammates. I strongly believe that working in an atmosphere that promotes teamwork makes our lives much more enjoyable. At the same time, it has a positive impact on the project.



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