Hopp Schwiiz: Switzerland leading Innovation in Europe


In light of Swiss National Day on August 1st, Lyfegen’s CFO Michel Mohler gives his take on the recently released European Innovation Scoreboard & the role of the Swiss HealthTech industry.

A month ago, the European commission released the European Innovation Scoreboard, which provides a comparative analysis of innovation indicators between EU/European countries and regional neighbors. Based on scores for 27 separate indicators, the countries fall into four performance groups: Innovation Leaders, Strong Innovators, Moderate Innovators, and Modest Innovators.

Switzerland is the overall Innovation Leader in Europe, outperforming all EU Member States, as shown in the figure below.

Are we surprised? Since 2012, Switzerland’s performance relative to the EU countries has improved by 22.6% points. This being the second year where the Switzerland’s innovation score even surpassed the United States.

Source: European Innovation Scoreboard 2020

While most know Switzerland for its banks and timely precision, this little country has positioned itself globally as an innovation leader, scoring particularly high due to certain innovation dimensions. For the purpose of simplicity, we will focus on the three dimensions scoring the highest in relation to the EU.

1) “Human resources”: Switzerland scored particularly high when analyzing the quality of talent: this mainly being compromised of new doctorate graduates, population with a tertiary education and lifelong learning.

2) “Attractive research systems”: An attractive research ecosystem, leading in international scientific publications, most cited publication, and foreign doctorate students.

3) “Firm investments”: Overall company innovation and R&D expenditure.

Keeping in mind that the European Innovation Scoreboard is not specifically oriented towards indicators within the healthcare industry, it is unquestionable that the above mentioned dimensions are strongly influenced by the country’s leading position in Healthcare. Life Sciences being a pillar of the above seen growth, strongly dependent on skilled workforce and continuous innovation.

Lyfegen’s headquarters being in Basel, Switzerland, is not coincidental and allows us to be on the forefront of healthcare innovation, contributing actively.

The innovative Swiss ecosystem partnered with Lyfegen’s solutions and patent-pending technology are doubtlessly a winning combination for saving patient lives and driving Swiss innovation forward!

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