Our new tech superstar: Welcome to the Lyfegen team, Daniel!

Lyfegen Editorial Team

Lyfegen’s team is growing! We are proud to welcome our new tech superstar, Daniel!

Wise, witty, and an absolute techie. Yes, we are talking about the latest addition to our team, our very own “Lead Developer”: Daniel de Kock!

As Lyfegen’s partnerships with leading pharma, medtech companies and payers worldwide continues to grow, Lyfegen has made the important decision to focus on expanding the tech team. After a rigorous screening process and hundreds of applicants, Lyfegen finally found it’s perfect match: Daniel!

“Daniel’s skills, passion and mindset blew us away! He is a crucial pillar to bring Lyfegen’s technology to the next level.” says Lyfegen’s COO, Nico Mros.

We are proud to have him as part of the team and sat down with him to give you a little more insight behind the cross-fit enthusiast and nature loving “Lead Developer”!

Welcome to the team, Daniel! So, tell us: you recently moved to Switzerland – where are you from and why this move?

I am from Cape Town, South Africa, and decided to move to Switzerland for various reasons. Firstly for love: my wife. She is Swiss and decided to continue her studies in Zurich for the next couple of years. Of course, I wanted to follow her, so we took the decision to leave Cape Town and move to beautiful Switzerland. Secondly, I got to the point in my career and life where I was striving for a challenge. The challenge of starting my life somewhere new, accompanied by adventure and exciting travel opportunities. I love to hike and hear Switzerland is a great country for that.

You are joining Lyfegen as Lead Developer. In simple terms: what will you be working on?

I will be leading the technical development of the Lyfegen products, namely Lyfevalue and Lyfeapp. This will include reviewing the business requirements with the team and transforming them into technical products which meet our customer’s needs and expectations.

This is your first experience in the healthcare industry – what triggered this move and what parallels do you see between the industries you have worked for and Lyfegen?

In the past, I have led the tech teams for computer software used in real estate and financial services. Moving to healthcare was triggered by the idea of my everyday job having a positive impact on a patient's life. This gives an extra and welcomed dimension to my purpose at work.

When it comes to parallels between industries, I would mention that all industries I have worked for share similar attitudes on data privacy and security, something that is of course very important!

What motivated you to join such an innovative company?

I knew that my coding work has a direct impact on patients. I am working towards making a difference all while having fun! I wanted to be a part of this!

As you mentioned, patients are what drives Lyfegen. As a techie, what role does technology play in helping patients?

Technology in any industry is an enabler and innovator. Technology can make the impossible possible. And with Lyfegen, technology makes it possible for patients to get access to key therapies which can extend and save lives.

What are your personal goals with  Lyfegen?

I am very excited to take on new responsibilities and challenges, growing with the tech team (more great news ahead!), all while gaining a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry and the Lyfegen products.

Enough about work! What passions do you have outside of Lyfegen?

I'm a pretty simple guy… I enjoy cross-fit and spending quality time with my beautiful wife, exploring the outdoors with her. During my spare time you will find us hiking and adventuring through Switzerland.

We are proud to have the Lyfegen team continue to grow with such fantastic team-members!




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