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Michael Porter’s VBHC Theory Explained by Lyfegen’s Customer Success Hero, Simon Amstutz


Through the eyes of Simon Amstutz, briefly dive into the history of Michael Porter’s value-based healthcare theory.

For those who follow Lyfegen and our blog, chances are that you already fully grasp the concept of value-based healthcare (VBHC). That said, I came to Lyfegen from a completely different field, banking, and was intrigued by the history of how this theory came to be. While my intention is not to bore you with a history class, for all future posts it is important to have a common knowledge of the framework that lies behind VBHC.

In 2006, Harvard Professor Michael Porter and his fellow academic Elizabeth Teisberg published the book Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results . This book set the fundament of VBHC.

In this book they argue that competition in healthcare should be occurring in diagnosis, treatment (outcomes), and prevention of certain health conditions rather than between insurance plans and hospitals. They propose that the healthcare system should be restructured by having competition focus clearly on improved patient outcomes. The proposed model focuses on the value (yes, hence the name) that the medication or care brings to the patient. In other words, value is measured by the best outcome for the patient per dollar spent.

This being a monumental change from the current healthcare model, which operates on a fee-for-service/product basis. Under the conventional model, drugs and therapies have to be paid for regardless of whether they actually helped the patient. .

In order to achieve such a change, Porter argues that the healthcare system needs to be able to quantify health-care processes, outcomes, patient’s experiences, and organizational systems to evaluate the effectiveness of delivered care/medication as it benefits for the patient – this seeming like the greatest challenge back in 2006. But since then, technology and processes have evolved. This is where Lyfegen comes in: the challenges that our system was faced with 14 years ago now have a clear solution: Lyfeapp and Lyfevalue.

While Porter is most definitely not the only thought leader in the VBHC sector, his book shook and rattled the healthcare industry, identifying a clear need for solutions like those proposed by Lyfegen.

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