Welcome to the Lyfegen Team, Design-Superstar, Kateryna!

Lyfegen Editorial Team

She has a talent for design and user experience! When she is not busy designing Lyfegen’s products, she enjoys Photography. We are excited to announce Lyfegen’s latest addition to the team: “UI/UX Product Designer” Kateryna Debkaliuk!

“Kateryna’s experience and design acumen will be a fantastic addition to our team and will enable us to apply leading design and usability patterns to our platform. User experience for Payers, Providers and Life Sciences stakeholders is of paramount importance to Lyfegen and Kateryna will play a significant role in creating a clean, functional and pleasant experience to our users. We are delighted to have Kateryna in our team.” says Lyfegen’s CTO, Frederico Braga.

We sat down with her to give you a little more insight behind the photography-loving and witty UI/UX Product designer:

Hi Kateryna! Pleasure to meet you… so tell us a little more about you?

Hi, my name is Kateryna Debkaliuk and I live in Kiev. I have worked in Kiev all my life and bring extensive experience working with international companies. I am a passionate UX/UI Designer and very happy to join Lyfegen!

What drives you to be a UX/UI Designer?

I have been involved in creative fields most of my career: I have a degree in interior design and physical therapy, having also worked as a photographer. That said, when I began my career, I was looking to move into an industry that could and would shake things up.

IT and healthcare are two of the most impactful industries and I wanted to combine my passion for design with industries that are really making a difference. It was an easy choice because I like being creative and I also enjoy solving problems that matter. My knowledge and experience in the creative field mixed with healthcare, made it a natural step to work with Lyfegen. Not to mention, I enjoy working with international teams, speaking myself also English, Spanish, and Swedish.

What motivated you to join Lyfegen?

I enjoy working in healthcare because I think it is the most important field at the moment. Especially with our global COVID-19 pandemic, the focus on the healthcare industry is crucial, making it increasingly important to progress and innovate. Lyfegen is on the forefront of this progress and innovation.

What is your first impression of working at Lyfegen?

The dedication of the team is something that really motivates me. I really like the friendly, familiar atmosphere and the way everyone is treated. In comparison to big companies, it’s a big difference to work in a start-up where curiosity and team spirit is fundamental and appreciated.

How will your design knowhow help the Lyfegen customers experience our platform?

In collaboration with my experienced team colleagues at Lyfegen, we want to give the product its own special touch and put a remarkable brand on it. My job is to give make the user experience unique. We will be testing a lot and see what feedbacks we get from our users so we can create the best platform possible.

Photography seems to be a big passion of yours. Are you still able to pursue it?

Photography is a big part of my creative nature - it brings me a lot of joy and is a fantastic way to get out and explore a different perspective. Specifically concert photography is my passion. I can’t wait for concerts to take place again so I can continue working on this passion!

What are you most looking forward to as you begin your first month at Lyfegen?

I am excited to work with such a great team on a product that is truly making a difference for millions of patients worldwide! Also working with big companies such as Roche, BMS or Johnson & Johnson is a phenomenal experience and very rewarding.

In terms of team, I really look forward to the expanding team in the Ukraine and hopefully to meet everyone in person eventually! For now, I really enjoy our virtual coffees and walking meetings.

We are proud to have the Lyfegen team continue to grow with such fantastic team-members!




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