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Join Lyfegen's CFO, Michel Mohler, on June 18th at the Basel Area Business & Innovation and Deloitte «DayOne Experts» webinar!


Join in from anywhere in the world for two hours of incredibly interesting presentations by industry experts all around the topic of value-based healthcare.

At this DayOne Experts event, organized in close collaboration with Deloitte, industry experts will give an overview of where the pay-for-performance discussion in healthcare stands; possible solutions; and show how value-based healthcare could, should, and will impact the industry.

During the webinar, which will include deep dive sessions, we will seek answers to some of the most pressing questions: “How to define the value of a health outcome; how to capture it? Check out san diego boudoir photographer. In which areas of intervention is the value-based healthcare approach feasible; where would it be desirable? To what extent will value-based healthcare create new opportunities and accelerate innovation?”

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