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João Marques-Gomes, PhD, joins Lyfegen Advisory Board

Lyfegen Editorial Team

Lyfegen is proud to announce that João Marques-Gomes has joined the company’s Advisory Board. João is a university professor, a scientific researcher, and a management consultant in health management.

He is the Chair of Nova University Lisbon’s institute for Value-Based Health Care (VBHC), and the professor of the semester course “VBHC” at the Nova School of Business & Economics and at the Nova Medical School.

His research has been repeatedly funded by FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology, the Portuguese public agency for scientific research. As a management consultant, João Marques-Gomes has worked for public and private hospitals in Europe and Latin America, the European Commission, the Portuguese Ministry of Health, the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society, and for pharmaceutical companies that are among the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies in sales.

In the past, João worked with ICHOM – International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement, as part of the implementation team. He is currently the Vice-President of IBRAVS – Brazilian Institute for Value in Health. João’s actions have had an important impact on the Portuguese society.

João has co-led the Cascais Agreement movement, which gathers the 80+ major stakeholders that have publicly signed the agreement that establishes that by 2021 1/3+ of the Portuguese health care providers must have had an experience with VBHC.


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João Marques-Gomes

João Marques-Gomes has a PhD in economics from the University of Evora (Portugal), and an MBA from the FIA Business School (Brazil). Part of his PhD studies was done at the University College London (UK), and at the Toulouse School of Economics (France). João did his training in VBHC at ICHOM (UK), at the Harvard Business School, and at the Dell Medical School, UT Austin (USA).

With his vast experience in health economics and value-based healthcare, João will support Lyfegen to achieve its mission of accelerating value-based healthcare to improve the life of patients.




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