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Former New York State Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson joins Lyfegen advisory board

Lyfegen Editorial Team


Lyfegen is proud to announce that former New York State Medicaid Director, Jason Helgerson, has joined the Lyfegen Advisory Board.


Lyfegen, the provider of the leading value-based agreements platform for pharmacy, is proud to announce that Jason Helgerson has joined its advisory board. He brings his rich experience in value-based healthcare and more than 20 years of public service to this role. Jason’s forte is in creating effective value-based payment systems, facilitating successful cross-sector collaboration, and delivering transformative stakeholder engagement - all elements that underpin a successful value-based health and social care strategy.

“Seeing how Lyfegen uses advanced technology to solve the immense problem of drug pricing & affordability by enabling value-based agreements made my decision to join Lyfegen’s advisory board an easy one. I am excited about the value Lyfegen can deliver to healthcare payers, providers, and patients in the US and across the world,” says Jason.

In addition to serving as Lyfegen advisor, Jason is the managing director of Helgerson Solutions. He is a nationally recognized leader in value-based healthcare, healthcare & delivery system reform.

Most recently, he was New York State’s Medicaid Director, a role he held for over seven years, managing an annual budget in excess of $68 billion. During his time leading the Medicaid program in New York, Jason drove New York State’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment program (DSRIP). Over five years, the DSRIP program in New York created local, multi-sectoral partnerships with the aim of fundamentally restructuring the delivery of healthcare in New York & transitioning 80% of Medicaid payments into value-based arrangements. Jason became an internationally-recognized leader in public sector health care as part of his leadership of New York’s Medicaid Redesign Team, which helped reshape the program to lower costs – tackling a budget deficit – and improve health care quality.

Jason Helgerson earned a BA from American University in 1993, and his Master’s in Public Policy from University of Chicago in 1995. He also attended the London School of Economics’ Summer Graduate School Program in International Economics in 1994. He has worked in a variety of local and state governments, including the City of Milwakee, City of San Jose, CA, State of Wisconsin, and New York. He has served as the Medicaid Director for both the State of Wisconsin and the State of New York.

With vast experience in value-based healthcare, Jason will advance Lyfegen’s mission of accelerating value-based healthcare to improve patients’ lives in the USA.


About Lyfegen

Lyfegen is an independent, global software analytics company providing a value and outcome-based agreement platform for Health Insurances, Pharma, MedTech & Hospitals around the globe. The secure Lyfegen Platform identifies and operationalizes value-based payment models cost-effectively and at scale using a variety of real-world data and machine learning. With Lyfegen’s patent-pending platform, Health Insurances & Hospitals can implement and scale value-based healthcare, improving access to treatments, patient health outcomes and affordability.

Lyfegen is based in the USA & Switzerland and has been founded by individuals with decades of experience in healthcare, pharma & technology to enable the shift away from volume-based and fee-for-service healthcare to value-based healthcare.

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