How Lyfegen’s value-based contracting platform was inspired by Airbnb

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How Lyfegen improved user experience and satisfaction through user interface design optimization

When was the last time you used a business software or platform with a seamless user experience? Was it fun? Was it visually appealing? Probably not.


In this article, we consider the benefits of drastically improving the user experience of contracting software with examples of companies that have taken this step and inspired Lyfegen.

Contracting Software

Contracting software has usually been perceived as boring and unsophisticated, until recently. It takes careful application of innovation, user empathy, and design thinking to create unique, memorable experiences. Contracting software should focus on providing a pleasant user experience, especially when it is about patients. It takes away a whole lot of burden from the users while providing the most value.

There are new innovative designs of forms, pages, and workflows that keep users engaged and satisfied. Enjoyable contracting software should provide the most value while reducing the negative impacts.

Why great user experience is paramount to user satisfaction

Lyfegen takes cues from consumer web applications where innovation thrives. In 2020, Lyfegen conducted a big user experience review, where our product team needed to get to the bottom of what can make using the platform more enjoyable. “Why can't my business software look and feel enjoyable?" At Lyfegen we think that it can and it should. Every software should look and feel enjoyable.

We learned how users interact with the approval workflow using real-world data and feedback from customers. With these learnings, we further optimize the user experience and address issues or concerns that appear consistently. Users will bring expectations raised by consumer apps to their business applications. In response, we raise the bar to make work software equally appealing.

Lyfegen makes the whole process a breeze by rewarding customers with an amazing design experience, stepping up the game by making value-based contracting fun.

Some successful real-world examples

In consumer web applications, there are so many companies that are making drastic changes from the old design patterns to newer more innovative designs. These brands took the bold step of doing things differently while still providing the desired results. These are also the ones that Lyfegen took inspiration from.

1. Airbnb enables contracts between guests and hosts.


- Big beautiful imagery. People, smiles, quirky architecture.

- Emotional scenes that make you want to be there: cottage in the woods, hut on the beach, or a comfy townhouse.


But also clever UX: Forms disguised as slick toolbars. Generous date pickers that are easy to click


2. enables contracts between car buyers and sellers.


- Sensible defaults bootstrap your car search with a single click.

- Common search patterns detected from thousands of users turn into quick search shortcuts such as "City car" and "Family car.”

- Kickstarting a search avoids having to fill many form fields.


3. Upwork enables contracts between job seekers (talent) and hiring clients.


- The contracting path is optimized for speed. Both parties want to get the work under way quickly.

- Templates bootstrap and automate repetitive tasks. Why write every contract from scratch when you can extract best practices into a common library. Hint! This is what the Model Library will do in the Lyfegen Platform, watch out for a future blog post.


Lyfegen Platform mechanisms that bring speed and joy

The Lyfegen Platform enables contracts with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare payers and healthcare providers. At Lyfegen we understand that great user experience is paramount to user satisfaction. Hence, the reason why we pay critical attention to existing problems and proffer appropriate solutions to them is to create experiences that have the most long-lasting impact on the users.

What do we do differently to make these contracts fluid and useful?

- Forms: We use sensible defaults to make filling forms faster. Quick date pickers with popular date ranges (“Last month”, “This week”) help when scheduling is a big part of your work. Progressive disclosure reduces information overflow on forms – show only what the user needs to fill in right now to complete the task.

- Approvals: What is a modern way to do contract approvals? Chat threads! Users are familiar with chats from WhatsApp, Facebook and many other tools. A chat thread can be attached to virtually any item on the platform: agreements, claims, cases and refunds. The chat stays with the item so users don't lose context of what happened to the item.

- Tasks: How does the user know what they should be focusing on today? On the Home screen, the My tasks widget, email notifications, and the Recent Activity widget collect essential platform activity. You can see instantly what needs your attention today.

- Collaboration: @-mentions and chat threads offer quick resolution to questions. Tag a colleague and ask a question. They get a notification and provide an answer in the same thread. Problem resolved, move on! Chat works particularly well when conversation heats up and many users talk concurrently in real time.

- Interactive insights. Showing KPIs and key results on a dashboard is common practice. In fact, a dashboard is the favorite starting screen for many users. But charts really come alive when you interact with them. Have you used a mortgage calculator on a bank website? We also let users model alternative scenarios and see projections. “What will happen in my agreement next year if we continue like this?”

In conclusion, these are only a few examples of usage patterns that make contracting software modern and enjoyable. There is more room for improvement and the possibilities are endless. It requires the expertise which we at Lyfegen provide. Through our platform, we create brand new experiences in value-based contracting. Care to know more about contracting software? make sure to keep an eye out for our future posts.



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