Hello to our new team member: Meet efficacy expert Anca Marin!

The Lyfegen Editorial Team

Lyfegen is building the leading contracting software solution to support value-based drug pricing arrangements. This mission requires a hands-on team to optimize all our processes. With Anca Marin joining our team as the new business analyst, we are set up for success.


We sat down with Anca to learn about her experience, her goals, and her aspirations.

Hello Anca, and welcome to Lyfegen! Please tell us a little about yourself: Where are you from, and what’s your educational and professional background?

Hello, my name is Anca. I am based in Bucharest, Romania. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and later earned a master’s degree in business management. Before joining Lyfegen, I worked in finance for three and a half years in various industries, such banking, insurance, and ICT.

What excites you about being a business analyst?

The novelty – I believe it is a role where you never get bored as there is always a new situation, idea, or feature to build up, and it is exactly the challenge I want.

Why did you decide to join Lyfegen?

I find meaning and desire in making a change for the better. I also enjoy the work culture and the idea of being part of an innovative company while making a real impact.

What is something you want to learn or improve this year?

This is my first role as a business analyst. Therefore, this year, I want to focus on growing my knowledge and skills as a business analyst, as well as in software development and the healthcare industry.

How will your know-how help to improve our customers’ experience of the Lyfegen platform?

Given my previous roles, I would say that I was usually the one handling challenging and complex situations when dealing with customers. Through these experiences, I learned to find ways to deliver the best results for customers, and I will continue to do so. I also describe myself as being super detail-oriented – and details always make the difference.

Let’s get personal: What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

Besides my full-time job at Lyfegen, I am also a handball goalkeeper. I have been playing since I was 11 years old, and I usually go to two to three training sessions a week. However, I like sports in general, so if I am not on the handball court, I am probably playing other sports, like basketball or tennis.

I also like traveling and nature and activities away from the big cities, such as hiking, backpacking, and camping.


Is there anything else you are looking forward to outside of work this year?

Outside of work, my plans for this year are to get a motorcycle, take trips to the mountains, and make great memories!


We are proud to have you with us, Anca!

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