Envisioning solutions that solve meaningful real-world problems – meet Andrei Cantea, our new visionary Senior Product Designer

Lyfegen Editorial Team

After graduating in Computer Science from Babeș-Bolyai University in Romania, Andrei co-founded a digital health start-up that was laser focused on assisting patients and clinicians alike, to reach better health outcomes. His keen interest in UX design and problem solving has been the driving force behind his success in creating and building meaningful experiences and solutions in the digital healthcare arena.  

However, his story doesn’t start there.  

Andrei’s first interactions with design started in his high school years, where he took part in numerous competitions within the digital solutions and education space – this being where he realized his true passion for design and creating solutions that would positively impact the lives of many.  

When we asked Andrei what excited him the most about joining Lyfegen as the new Senior Product Designer, his answer was clear cut – “I am allowed to be an active part in envisioning, designing and building meaningful solutions that can help users, which in turn helps patients and saves lives – this is what I find exciting and refreshing.

Joining Lyfegen has been a perfect synergy between Andrei’s personal views on digital healthcare and Lyfegen’s impactful approach in the sector – solving deep complex issues, while still remaining mindful and deeply empathetic towards its users and end goals. This is what fuels his motivation in contributing his valuable expertise in the process, while working alongside his incredible team.  

While in his spare time, Andrei has been known to catch up with his video games when time allows, play board games, watch his favorite science channels, read a good book, and of course spend quality time with his friends and family, when he’s not outdoors enjoying some nature.

We warmly welcome Andrei to our team and look forward to revolutionizing the industry side-by-side.

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