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A new star in the Lyfegen sky: Meet Valeria Litfullina, our new front-end developer

The Lyfegen Editorial Team

With the ever-present need to shift to value-based healthcare, Lyfegen continues to grow. Committed to building our platform to be as user-friendly as can be, expanding our IT team even further came naturally. For that reason, we are proud to now have Valeria Litfullina on board to support us in optimizing our platform in the best possible way.


We sat down with Valeria to learn about her experience, her goals and her aspirations.

Hello Valeria, and welcome to Lyfegen! Please tell us a little about yourself: Where are you from, and what’s your educational and professional background?

Hi! My name is Valeria. I was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. I studied piano in music college and the music academy and then worked as a musician in China until the pandemic struck and changed everyone's lives. Personally, it was a good change since it gave me a push towards the IT industry.

What excites you about being a front-end developer?

Front end for me is like a bridge between creativity and logic. One day you can discuss colors with designers, and the next day you can discuss data with backend developers. It is inspiring to be able to choose which direction you want to develop your skills. I am looking forward to strengthening my skills in web development even further.

Why did you decide to join Lyfegen?

I chose Lyfegen because it is the perfect company to enable my career aspirations as a front-end developer. Working in a start-up gives you the opportunity to work with a motivated team where everyone wants to be a part of something meaningful. Most importantly, it is almost impossible to come across a company with goals as ambitious as Lyfegen's.

What is something you want to learn or improve this year?

In terms of development, I will continue to hone my skills and gradually extend them towards the backend. I also want to build up my knowledge in healthcare and I may have to take up German as well as I just recently moved.

How will your know-how help to improve our customers’ experience of the Lyfegen platform?

I am responsible for the user interface as that is what customers see first. I enjoy experimenting with the look of the elements on the screen. Together with the testing and business team, we make sure that the design appears as it is supposed to and the platform is convenient to use.

Let’s get personal: What are your favorite things to do in your free time?

In my free time, I usually sing or play music; it helps me to express myself and cope with stress. I also try to combine my work at the computer with playing sports or going outside and exploring my city by bicycle. To unwind, I truthfully only need great movies and delicious food in my downtime.

Is there anything else you are looking forward to outside of work this year?

A lot is happening right now with politics and the situation in my country, so many plans had to change. This year, I will try to achieve stability and, after I have that, I will build my big plans!

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